Cheraldine Jean Pierre-McPherson, RBT

Cheraldine Jean Pierre-McPherson, RBT, who goes by Cherry, is a long-time and valuable member of our Washington, D.C. team. Regional Director Justin Boyd noted that Cherry has been a dedicated team member for several years and shines in respect to the following attributes: Longevity, Reliability, & Consistency.

We asked Cherry about what brought her to Little Leaves, the most rewarding aspects of a career in ABA therapy, and more.

Quick Facts About Cherry

  • Originally From: The Netherlands

  • Time with Little Leaves: Over 2 years

  • Educational Background: Masters in Special Education, Certification in ABA

  • Favorite Hobby: Traveling, cooking, triathlons, half/ full marathons

  • Dream Vacation: Anywhere on an island!

Why did you choose to pursue ABA Therapy as a profession?

I have a Special Education background and I felt there was more to teaching.

What makes Little Leaves special to you?

The training that they provide is very comprehensive and puts an emphasis on development that helps make you a better clinician.

When the client gets one target correct, you give them high praise and reinforcement, and their faces light up.

Cherry on the most rewarding part of her career

Community is a large part of the reason Little Leaves is successful. Please share a positive memory you have from working within this community.

When parents are happy when they see their child(ren) progressing in a short time. Or when they communicate with more words.