Julia Wears, RBT

Julia Wears, RBT, is a vital member of the Little Leaves Richmond team based in Midlothian, VA. Julia worked with Little Leaves in our Mid-Atlantic centers from 2017-2020 before briefing leaving the organization when she moved to Richmond. Now that we are operating in the Richmond region, it was a no-brainer for Julia to come join one of our newest teams! Regional Director Jennifer Wade chose Julia as her staff spotlight choice for Appreciation Week because of her outstanding contribution to helping the team get started down in Richmond.

We spoke with Julia about her experiences at Little Leaves, the community we look to foster, and her advice for professions looking to get into the ABA Therapy field.

Quick Facts About Julia

  • Originally From: Leesburg, VA

  • Time with Little Leaves: 2017-2020. I moved to Richmond, VA and I returned when the Midlothian center opened in 2022.

  • Educational Background: Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology from Longwood University, and I am currently enrolled at the Florida Institute of Technology pursuing my Master’s Degree in Behavior Analysis.

  • Favorite Hobby: Puzzles

  • Dream Vacation: Greece

Why did you choose to pursue ABA therapy as a profession?

I chose to pursue ABA as a profession because when I was in college and trying to figure out which profession I wanted to pursue, my sister was already working in the field of ABA and I was able to learn more from her and learn more about the field as a whole.

What drove you to Little Leaves initially?

When I first found Little Leaves, I had just graduated from my undergrad and I was eager to explore a new field. Little Leaves seemed like they had a great community and wonderful opportunities to help me grow and learn.

What makes Little Leaves special to you?

There are many things that make Little Leaves special to me. Something that I really value is everyone that with I work with. The encouragement that is received daily and the ability to voice ideas and have open discussions has given me not only confidence in my work, but confidence in myself as I continue to grow professionally.

I believe Little Leaves stands out as a provider of high-quality ABA, with their attention to detail in many different aspects — whether it is with working with our clients, attending trainings, and daily clinical discussions to review various topics. I also believe the structure that Little Leaves sets is very helpful in helping others to learn.

Julia on what sets Little Leaves apart

Community is a large part of the reason Little Leaves is successful. Please share a positive memory you have from working within this community.

I have many positive memories from working within the Little Leaves community. One positive memory that I have from working within this community are the connections and support from others. I remember when I was first at Little Leaves, we would have one big team meeting in one location, hosting staff from different centers from different areas, and it gave us the opportunity to meet other people from other centers and learn new things from others and to help others grow as well.

Finally, what is one piece of advice you would give to professionals considering a career in ABA therapy?

One piece of advice I would give to professionals considering a career in ABA therapy is that ABA therapy has opened my eyes to so many different ways professionals in the field of ABA therapy can help others, and that feeling is indescribable. ABA therapy can be so fun and teach so much at the same time.