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Little Leaves Is Growing!

We are a professional organization with a powerful social mission: helping children with autism grow and succeed.

Growth is one of the four core values of Little Leaves. This starts with growth for our clients, which is why we are in this field! Our clients grow when we grow, which is why we are always looking for professionals who want to keep learning in the field. We help our staff grow by supporting them with ongoing professional development opportunities, such as regular supervision by a senior clinician, peer review meetings, financial support for conferences and CEUs, and more. We know we can only grow if we attract dedicated employees who want to learn and grow with us. Learn more about Little Leaves opportunities for growth here.

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Roadmap for Growth at Little Leaves

Growth and professional development of our clinicians is key to the success of Little Leaves and our clients. Below is a typical professional growth progression within Little Leaves. All clinicians work their way through each role to learn and demonstrate competency, with one goal in mind, providing the highest quality of services for the families we serve.

Featured Openings 

Supervising Behavior Analyst 

Supervising Behavior Analysts manage and oversee the delivery of ABA therapy services to children with developmental delays, especially Autism Spectrum Disorders. Supervising Behavior Analysts perform assessments, develop treatment plans, lead and supervise a team of therapists, train staff, and work with parents and families.  BCBA required.

Behavior Specialist

A Behavior Specialist in the Little Leaves center helps facilitate the individual therapy and group activities for a caseload of ABA therapy clients. The Behavior Specialist also mentors Behavior Technicians through coaching and structured guidance, and conducts some individual therapy with clients. The Behavior Specialist works closely with the Supervising Behavior Analysts to develop programs, conduct assessments, and graph data for review and decision making.

Training Specialist

Training Specialist is primarily responsible for training Behavior Technicians with their clients, and ensuring that Behavior Technicians can implement ABA programming with integrity. The Training Specialist works closely with Supervising Behavior Analysts, especially when therapists are being trained on their clients. Training Specialists may also conduct direct therapy sessions with clients, and help manage case materials.

Behavior Technician 

Behavior Technicians are critical members of a child’s therapy team. They deliver the majority of a child’s individualized therapy hours based on the plans and protocols developed by the Supervising Behavior Analyst and collect data on a child’s progress.

Why Work at Little Leaves?

Above all else, we are dedicated to providing positive outcomes and improvements to the lives of our clients and their families. To reach this goal, we seek dedicated individuals who will help us succeed in Planting Seeds For Growth.

Words from Our Staff

“What makes Little Leaves special?”

The Little Leaves core values and the overall integrity of the organization. Every tier of the organization is working toward the best treatment outcomes for clients and families. These values also include opportunities for ongoing professional development and growth for staff, a strong sense of community, and regular supervision as support for staff and to ensure effectiveness of treatment.

Jana Murgia, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA