Patricia Palencia, RBT

Patricia Palencia, RBT, is a senior Behavior Technician on our South Florida team based in our Weston, FL center. A member of the Little Leaves team for just under a year and a half, Patricia (known as Paty) has played a critical role in providing ABA therapy for our clients. Regional Director Barbara Davis nominated Paty for this recognition thanks to her dedication to the children we serve!

Paty talked to us about the most rewarding parts of her career and how Little Leaves stands out as a high-quality ABA therapy provider.

Quick Facts About Patricia

  • Originally From: Monterrey, México

  • Time with Little Leaves: 16 Months

  • Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition

  • Favorite Hobby: Riding my bike with my kids, cooking, and reading

  • Dream Vacation: A long, slow-paced road trip to small towns with a mixture of nature, cultural sights and good food

Why did you choose to pursue ABA Therapy as a profession?

I like helping people, I saw ABA as effective and data-based and I loved it.

What is the most rewarding part of your role with Little Leaves?

Seeing the children grow and progress is definitely the most rewarding part of working at Little Leaves. It feels like you are having a real, meaningful impact!

Little leaves is highly ethical, well organized, very supportive toward the clients, their families, and staff. Treatment plans are individualized, therapists are carefully trained and supervised, results are amazing, data speaks for itself.

Paty on why Little Leaves stands out as a high-quality ABA Therapy provider

How has Little Leaves helped you grow as a professional?

From initial trainings with new clients, constant supervision, and support, to monthly trainings and encouragement and financial help to keep learning. We have many tools to grow professionally.

Finally, what is one piece of advice you would give to professionals considering a career in ABA therapy?

Make sure you go to a place where you are supported and supervised.