Little Leaves president Marina Major was quoted in Behavioral Health Business’ 2021 Autism Outlook. Marina spoke about the upcoming challenges that will shape Autism services, as well as the blurring line of education and health care.

The biggest factors continuing to shape autism services are the quality and training of clinicians, specifically Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). Annually 5,000 new BCBAs enter the job market without undergoing a residency-type of program. It is incumbent on service providers to offer a level of training and supervision that helps ensure a high-level quality of services.

Another change we anticipate [in 2021] is the blurring of education and healthcare. The location of where services are provided is becoming more important to ensure appropriate skill acquisition and generalization. Soon, service location – whether in a school or a clinic – will no longer be a barrier to accessing care. Using outcome-based assessment to measure quality of services is gaining momentum and a trend that will continue well into 2021.

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