Kendall Owens III, RBT

Kendall Owens III, RBT, is a senior Behavior Technician on our Alexandria, VA team. Kendall has been a staple in our Northern Virginia centers, having worked at Little Leaves for four years. Nominated by Kendra McDonald, our Regional Director, Kendall was chosen due to his consistent contributions to the clients we serve!

We spoke with Kendall to find out what he loves most about Little Leaves, and much more!

Quick Facts About Kendall

  • Originally From: Virginia

  • Time with Little Leaves: 4 Years

  • Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Favorite Hobby: Taking care of plants

  • Dream Vacation: Barcelona, Spain

What is the most rewarding part of your role with Little Leaves?

Teaching children important life skills that will stay with them even after they move on from our care.

What makes Little Leaves stand out as a provider of high-quality ABA?

The continuous training and specialized programs to our clients.

A memory that I appreciate from working at Little Leaves is transitioning from teaching children simple communication skills and seeing that transition to a school setting with peers.

Kendall on one of his favorite memories working in ABA Therapy

How has Little Leaves helped you grow as a professional?

Little Leaves helped me start my career in child development shortly after graduating. The knowledge and access to become an RBT with support from senior staff has been essential.

Finally, what is one piece of advice you would give to professionals considering a career in ABA therapy?

I would recommend reminding yourself of the long-term goals that can be achieved from the day-to-day sessions that occur, which are rewarding.