Amie Perl

Amie Perl, SVP of Operations, has spent the better part of her career working for companies that change lives. Prior to joining Little Leaves, she served in various strategic and operational roles at Strayer University and as well as roles with The Boston Consulting Group and Goldman Sachs. Over her 10-plus years with Little Leaves, Amie has developed expertise in, and a passion for, helping families and providers navigate the challenges of insurance coverage for ABA and has been involved at the state and national levels. In recognition of her efforts, she was presented with the prestigious Provider Advocate of the Year award at the Autism Law Summit in 2021, an honor presented “in appreciation of exceptional advocacy on behalf of individuals with autism.”

Judith Ursitti, vice president of community affairs for The Council of Autism Service Providers had this to say about Amie and the reason she was awarded this high honor: “People diagnosed with autism deserve advocates in their corner who are bright, articulate, and empathetic. Amie Perl is a perfect example of someone who possesses all of these qualities. Her perseverance in ensuring that families have access to evidence-based care has made a remarkable difference over the past decade. The Autism Law Summit is proud to honor her as our Provider Advocate of the Year for 2021.”

Quick Facts About Amie

  • Originally From: New Jersey

  • Time with Little Leaves: 10.5 years, since the start!

  • Educational Background: B.A and MBA from Harvard University

  • Favorite Hobby: Going to the gym

  • Dream Vacation: Antarctica – it is the only continent that I have not visited.

We sat down with Amie and asked her to reflect on how her career began, her dedication to supporting companies with strong social missions, and the growth of Little Leaves since 2010.

Why did you choose to pursue ABA Therapy as a profession?

I didn’t! I went into the business world and earned my MBA. I didn’t even know about ABA until I joined Little Leaves. My career path has always been focused on organizations with a social mission, especially those that help people change their lives through education. ABA is based on learning theory and Little Leaves focuses on helping children gain new skills. I learned about the opportunity through a friend, and knew it was the right next step for me.

What drove you to Little Leaves initially?

The opportunity to help build an organization with an incredibly important mission.

What makes Little Leaves special to you?

The team! I feel lucky every day to work with such a dedicated, talented, and hard-working group of people.

The most rewarding part of this job is the thank you notes that we receive from clients about the impact we have had on their children and their family.

Amie on the most rewarding part of her job

What makes Little Leaves stand out as a provider of high-quality ABA?

Little Leaves really differentiates itself by the training and professional development that it provides to the clinicians. We know that the quality of our clinical team has a direct impact on the outcomes for our clients, so that’s where we focus our time and investments. This commitment to ongoing learning is also what allows us to attract and retain the best talent.

Community is a large part of the reason Little Leaves is successful. Please share a positive memory you have from working within this community.

In the “early years”, our holiday party was dinner around my dining room table – we all fit! We are MUCH too big to for that anymore, but many of the people from that table are still here today. As a team, we have worked hard and watched Little Leaves grow from a few clients to a multi-state, multi-center organization. I am incredibly grateful to still be working with this group.

Finally, what is one piece of advice you would give to professionals considering a career in ABA therapy?

Find the best education and training possible. Your early training will set the path for the rest of your career.