Jennifer Wade, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Jennifer Wade, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA, Regional Director (Richmond), is a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst who has worked with individuals from 18 months to 21 years of age with intellectual or developmental disabilities for over 20 years. Prior to joining Little Leaves, Jen was the assistant director of clinical services for Next Steps Behavioral Centers, providing clinic-based, home-based, and community-based services. Previously, she worked in private ABA-based school environments and at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Autism Center for Excellence, in addition to operating her own business as an educational and behavioral consultant. Jen has her B.A. in Psychology and Music from the College of William and Mary, her M.Ed. from Virginia Commonwealth University with a concentration in Early Childhood Special Education, and a post-graduate certificate in ABA from Penn State University. Jen is a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International and the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts. She is currently serving as the treasurer for the Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis.

Facts About Jennifer

  • Originally From: Pennsylvania

  • Time with Little Leaves: 3 months

  • Educational Background: BA, College of William and Mary – double major in Psychology and Music; M.Ed, Virginia Commonwealth University with a concentration in Early Childhood Special Education

  • Favorite Hobbies: Family time, gardening, music, friends, nature

  • Dream Vacation: New Zealand

We spoke with Jennifer about her excitement regarding opening a center in a brand-new region for Little Leaves and more!

What challenge excites you most about opening a new center?

The team is the heart and lifeblood of any high-quality ABA program. I am most excited to lead this (future) team of well-trained staff, to help them learn and grow, and to foster the sense of community that Little Leaves values

 Community is a key reason Little Leaves is successful. Please share a positive memory you have from working within this community

This week, three  clients had a fantastic game of chase! Those five-or-so minutes were FILLED with awesome peer interactions, but more importantly LOTS of laughter and smiles from both the clients and the staff who cheered them on! It was beautiful to watch!

Why did you choose to pursue ABA therapy as a profession?

From the beginning, ABA captured both my heart and my head in a way that no other “job” had. I love getting to know the kids and watching them grow! Of course, my nerdy side loves the science behind it as well.

What drove you to Little Leaves initially?

I was—and am—excited to have the opportunity to help open and lead a new region for an established company that has similar values and priorities to my own.

Little Leaves has THE most thorough training of staff that I have ever seen. This investment in training pays off tremendously in terms of both confidence and competence of the staff.

Jennifer on what sets Little Leaves apart from other companies

What does it mean to you to be in a regional director position at Little Leaves?

I am honored, humbled, and EXCITED to help start Little Leaves-Richmond. I cannot wait to put my experience and passion to work, to build an awesome team, and ultimately, to offer excellent ABA services to the community.